21st Century Insurance company is providing customers superior coverage and service from the past 50 years. Their main motto is to save their customers money on car insurance. They also offer 24*7 customer service, detailed policy coverage options, quality claims service powered by Farmers and helpful ways to save money. Customers can expect excellent coverage, service and guaranteed commitment to your satisfaction at 21st Century. People who are interested can check this article for more details about 21st Century Customer service numbers. On the other hand, bookmark our page for latest updates.21st Century

21st Century Phone Number | Different Phone Services

Do you want to know how to call the 21st Century? Then read this article. Call to the given below numbers. All these numbers are toll-free. By calling these numbers, you can request to the real service agents. You can get help with your policy or file a claim. When you make a call, you will receive the following questions. Additionally, bookmark our page for latest updates. 

Customer Service:

Phone Number: 1-877-401-8181

  • Thank you for calling to the 21st Century Customer Service department.
  • Press 1, and press one again:
    • For Billing and Payments, press 1.
    • Press 2 for ID Cards.
    • For Policy Changes, press 3.
      • Press 1 for Auto policy.
      • For Homeowner’s policy, press 2.
    • Press 4 for Roadside assistance.
    • For Claims, press 5.
      • Thank you for calling 21st Century’s Claim Center:
      • Roadside assistance, press 1.
        • Personal, press 1.
        • Business, press 2.
      • A Glass claim, press 2.
        • A new claim, press 1.
        • An existing claim, press 2.
        • Reimbursement, press 3.
      • A new claim, press 3.
        • Business, press 1.
        • The vehicle, press 2.
      • Homeowner’s claim, press 3.
      • An Existing claim, press 4.
        • Please say or enter your policy number now.
      • More options, press 5.
        • Billing or ID cards, press 1.
        • Contact information, press 2.
        • Workers compensation, press 3.
        • None of these, press 4.
      • Go back to the Main menu by saying ‘Main Menu’ or press 5.

21st Century Customer Service | Claim Center Number

Claim Center Number:

Phone Number: 1-888-244-6163

  • Thank you for calling 21st Century claim center, your call may be monitored and recorded.
  • Which would you like personal auto, roadside assistance, recreation vehicle, business, or homeowners and renters?
    • Personal Auto
      • Which would you help with auto claims?
      • You can say a glass only claim, filing a new claim or questions on an existing claim.
      • Select Questions on an existing claim.
      • Click Ok existing claim, please say or enter your claim number or say continue to use your policy number.
      • If you need some time say hold on.
    • Roadside Assistance
      • Alright, roadside assistance
      • Are you calling requesting roadside assistance because of an accident?
      • Yes
      • OK, please hold while I transfer you to a representative who can assist you.
    • Recreational Vehicle
      • Alright, recreational vehicle claim.
      • For which one you need help: filing a new claim or questions on an existing claim?
      • New Claim.
      • OK, new claim, please hold while I transfer you to a representative who can assist you through this.
  • Say directory to dial by name or extension.
  • For policy questions or help with anything else say more options
    • More Options
      • OK, more options
      • Which would you like to get help: Identity Shield, billing or policy assistance, contact information, a new quote or workers compensation?
      • You can also say “none of these.”
      • None of these.
      • Got it, none of these.
      • Before I transfer you, which would you like help with: reporting a new claim for the first time, or something else?
      • Got it, help with something else.
      • Please wait while I transfer your call to a representative who can assist you.

21st Century Homeowners Number | Other Numbers

Homeowners Number:

Phone Number: 1-888-244-6163

  • Thank you for calling to the 21st Century Homeowners insurance department. Your call may be recorded and monitored.
  • Please carefully listen to all the options before making your selection.
  • Which of the following can I help you with? Please say existing policy, new homeowners quote, personal umbrella quote or plan. 
  • Existing policy.
  • Click OK for service. Our offices are closed right now. Our regular working hours are Monday to Friday 8 am to 8 pm eastern standard time. If you want to leave a message to us, please wait on the line, we dont offer our homeowners program in Alaska, New Hampshire, Florida, Hawaii or Massachusetts, thank you.
  • Please leave a message to us.

Other Phone Numbers:

  • Auto Mechanic Breakdown: 1-866-907-3308
  • Boat: 1-800-903-8114
  • Personal Umbrella: 1-800-222-2007
  • Homeowner/Renter Insurance: 1-877-834-7532
  • Life: 1-800-327-6377
  • Flood: 1-800-222-2007
  • Mobile Home: 1-800-903-8114
  • Motorcycle: 1-800-903-8114
  • Personal Watercraft: 1-800-903-8114
  • Roadside Assistance: 1-800-439-5587
  • Specialty Homeowners: 1-800-903-8114


California Residents: service@21st.com

Non-California Residents: customer.service@21st.com

To Submit Claims: myclaim@21st.com

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