AT&T Store: AT&T is an American multinational conglomerate holding company headquartered at Whitacre Tower in Downtown Dallas, Texas. It is the world’s largest telecommunications company, the second largest provider of mobile telephone services. The AT&T Store is the largest provider of fixed telephone services in the United States through AT&T Communications. Additionally, get more info on AT&T Stores from the below sections of this page. On the other hand, viewers can all the relevant details regarding AT&T Stores here through this MetroPCS article. Finally, bookmark our page.

AT&T Store

AT&T, which has a regional headquarters in Bedminster, is the latest technology retailer at New Jersey’s biggest mall. AT&T Store has to adopt an Apple-style store model with display tables. Here customers can touch and try out phones, tablet computers, and other devices. AT&T Store’s innovative new store design features interactive spaces that encourage exploration. This shows the unique ways your wireless device, accessory, and App work together. No matter what everyone was interested in; wireless technology for work or play, we all discover something new.

AT&T Store

AT&T Store experts were all on hand to show us every in and out of each gadget and answer any questions we had. Instead of cash registers, the AT&T Store has round, cafe-style “learning tables”. Where customers can sit next to an AT&T Store employee to learn about a new product or service. Purchases can make at the table, on a tablet equipped to swipe credit and debit cards. AT&T Stores has converted 54 of its 2,000 company-owned stores to the new design. The AT&T stores have about two-dozen full- and part-time employees. On the other hand, check the official website.

Look inside AT&T’s ‘store of the future’

Gone are the days of printed flyers, plastic banners and cash registers at AT&T’s Store. The tech company will open what it calls its “store of the future” in Middletown Commons, and it is the first store like it in Kentucky. The new model incorporates an open layout where customers can experiment with AT&T Store products and services, including smartphones, TVs and the company’s home security service. The store has wood paneling that serves as a backdrop to showcase AT&T Store’s high-tech products, in addition to the 21 flat screen monitors that line the walls.

AT&T Store

For the last few years, AT&T’s Store has been transitioning away from cash registers toward tablets and smartphones – an approach used in the new store. Customers will be able to interact and experiment with products at open tables. For privacy, three tables with computers offer employees a chance to sit down with customers as well. The company also has gotten rid of printed brochures, flyers and signage; instead, more than 20 monitors (that are at least 47 inches wide) in the store will display information.

AT&T Store

AT&T Store has been researching the new design concept for about two years, and it will incorporate in all new company-owned stores going forward. The first “store of the future” opened on Michigan Avenue in Chicago in 2013. Since then, more than 30 locations with the new concept have opened, including one in Nashville. There are three versions of the new store concept, and the version used depends on the size of the community. Louisville’s store is the largest, most extensive version, South said. In the Louisville area, AT&T Store has ten company-owned locations and other authorized dealers. There are no plans yet to convert those stores.

AT&T stores will start moving to iPad-based Point of Sales

Over the past couple of years, Apple has been taking steps to overhaul its retail operations and customer experience with the iPad. AT&T, Apple’s first carrier partner, is planning to take these cues from Apple Retail to overhaul the way its stores work as well. Currently, all AT&T Stores have inefficient counter areas. Their employees work behind old computers. These computers run software called OPUS. OPUS functions as the point of sale system as well as allowing employees to check inventory levels, news from corporate, customer upgrade information, and more.

AT&T Store

AT&T’s Store has already started to take steps away from the counter in certain markets by deploying iPhones and tablets with stripped-down versions of OPUS. These iPhones are basic in their functionality, allowing employees to only conduct simple tasks. Tasks are like accepting payments for accessories and basic account management. Grab all the information presented here on this MetroPCS article. Finally, bookmark our official page at for further exciting updates. Since the opening of phone packages requires some form of a desk/counter, smaller “pod” like tables will place in the middle of stores.

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