Family Mobile Plans: Family plans can knock some dollars off your monthly cell phone bill and make your kids stop complaining that their friends can reach them only by smoke signals. But if you want to get the whole crew on a single plan, then you need one that will meet your needs and budget. Grab all the details pertaining to Family Mobile Plans from the below sections of this article. We from MetroPCS looked over the major wireless carrier’s plans to find the best ones for families who share data.

Once upon a time, single line plans were the most common out there, as most families only owned one cellphone. It is 2018, and things have certainly changed, with even some of the youngest members of a family rocking smartphones these days. All four major US carriers (Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint), along with other carriers like MetroPCS, offer some version of Family Mobile Plans, but which one is the best? That is just what we are going to discover today.

Family Mobile Plans

Family Mobile Plans

Organizing family life can be hectic, but one way you can make things a little easier is by taking out a Family Mobile Plans – a special kind of shared plan that links all your family’s phones up into a single ecosystem. It is a great way to help you keep on top of the kids’ mobiles bills, avoid bill shock from teens who use too much data, share allowances across the whole family, and – most importantly – save money. They are not just for families either: shared plans also work for groups of friends, housemates, couples, or just one person who wants a cheap SIM plan for their tablet, or a 30-day SIM deal. Bookmark our official page at MetroPCS for further details on Family Mobile Plans.

Info on Best Family Cell Phone Plans

Family Mobile Plans

  • Verizon Family Plans

    For large families who want to sign up for the nation’s largest wireless phone operator, the best option is to choose one of the carrier’s three Unlimited plans. The cheapest is Go-Unlimited, which begins at $75 a month for just one line on the account, and goes down to $65 a month each for two lines, $50 a month each for three lines, and $40 a month each for four line. Each line beyond that will cost $40 each.

Family Mobile Plans

  • AT&T Family Plans 

    AT&T’s two unlimited plans may be a better choice for families, especially for large groups. The cheaper of the two AT&T unlimited plans is called Unlimited & More, and cost $70 a month for one line, $125 for two lines, $145 a month for three lines or you can get a four-line bundle of $160. Keep in mind that under this plan, your 4G LTE data speeds could be throttled at any time if the carrier is getting too much traffic.

Family Mobile Plans

  • T-Mobile Family Plans

    T-Mobile family plans are unique in that it only offers unlimited postpaid plans, with no such plans with limited amounts of data. The basic T-Mobile One unlimited plan charges $70 a month for one line, $50 a month each for two lines, $37 a month each for three lines, $40 a month each for four lines and $25 a month for each additional line. It offers unlimited talk and text in the US, and unlimited talk, texting, and data while you are in Canada and Mexico, but limits video streaming down to 480p resolution.

Family Mobile Plans

  • Sprint Family Plans

    The carrier’s Unlimited Basic is the cheapest unlimited Sprint plan that’s currently being offered, and perhaps best of its family plans. At the moment, one line on the plan costs $60 a month, and two lines cost a total of $100. If a customer wants to add a third, fourth or a fifth line to the account, Sprint will throw them in for $20 a month each. All of these prices assume the customer will choose AutoPay as a payment option.

Family Mobile Plans

  • MetroPCS Family Plans

    MetroPCS, which is the pre-paid subsidiary of T-Mobile, has an excellent unlimited plan that also works as one of the best family plans. It offers four lines of unlimited 4G LTE data for just $100 a month. Yep, that’s the total price, and MetroPCS says that includes the extra taxes and fees. The video streams for this plan are down to 480p, and users might experience data slowdowns if they exceed 35GB of data before their monthly billing cycle ends. Otherwise, this is one of the best family plans we have ever seen.

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