MetroPCS Coverage Map is synonymous with a look at T-Mobile’s. The national coverage map below gives you a sense of how T-Mobile, MetroPCS’ cell phone coverage stacks up to the likes of Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint. You can also zoom in to see what coverage is like in your specific area. The MetroPCS Coverage Map shows T-Mobile closely trailing AT&T in the coverage department. There are some sizable blank spots, especially in Montana, Wyoming, and Iowa, but the east coast and southeast are completely blanketed.  Bookmark our page for further further updates on MetroPCS Coverage.

MetroPCS Coverage

MetroPCS Coverage

MetroPCS Coverage is one of the largest, most well-known mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) in the United States. The company is part of the T-Mobile brand and operates on its 4G LTE network. MetroPCS’s network consistently comes in third place in national coverage reliability tests, behind Verizon and AT&T. Read on to learn more about coverage with MetroPCS. A quick comparison of MetroPCS and T-Mobile’s coverage maps reveals they are identical; that is because, as mentioned, MetroPCS Coverage is a subsidiary of T-Mobile and runs on their network.

MetroPCS Coverage

You may even find that T-Mobile’s service outshines AT&T and Verizon’s in these areas. This map further demonstrates why T-Mobile, MetroPCS is in third place in terms of nationwide coverage. While a good portion of the country is covered with purple, i.e., MetroPCS Coverage Map. There are gaps in Nebraska, Iowa, Wyoming, Montana, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and Oregon. However, as mentioned earlier, T-Mobile is aggressively expanding into rural regions, so expect this to change sooner rather than later.

MetroPCS Coverage Wireless Roaming Policy

MetroPCS offers several packages of domestic services, some of which include unlimited talk and text domestically and some that are for more than one phone. None incur per-minute roaming fee charges in the nationwide coverage area. However, MetroPCS users can incur roaming charges when they travel outside the U.S. to certain countries. Although users would not run into roaming charges for travel in the U.S., the story is different when they travel out of the country. MetroPCS International Roaming Service lets you use your phone in select countries using compatible networks. MetroPCS Coverage customers can purchase international plans to avoid roaming charges when they travel to Mexico or Canada. These plans add unlimited calling and texting to and from each country for a small monthly fee.

MetroPCS Coverage Map 2018

MetroPCS Coverage

MetroPCS is a great budget cell phone carrier. It’s a prepaid subsidiary of T-Mobile, and it runs on that network, so you get great speeds at a discount. If you time it right, you can save even more money because MetroPCS Coverage runs promotions – as of our review, a four-line unlimited service plan is $100 a month. MetroPCS is the best budget cell phone provider we tested. Its plans cost less than major carriers while still offering comparable network performance, reliability, and speed. If you live within a T-Mobile covered area and want to save money on your cell phone bill, we highly recommend checking MetroPCS out.

MetroPCS Coverage and Data Service to Mexico

MetroPCS customers are getting the benefits of seamless service in Mexico that T-Mobile has extended to its branded customers in Mexico and Canada. Analysts said the MetroPCS offer stands out because of its extension of data service to Mexico. MetroPCS is launching “Mexico Unlimited,” which expands MetroPCS customers’ coverage and calling throughout Mexico. T-Mobile said MetroPCS Coverage customers with a $40 or higher base rate plan could add the feature at MetroPCS stores or online starting today. While in the U.S., customers get unlimited mobile to mobile and landline calls to Mexico as well as unlimited texting to Mexico.

MetroPCS Coverage

While in Mexico, MetroPCS Coverage customers will get unlimited mobile to mobile and landline calls to the U.S. and in Mexico, unlimited texting to the U.S., and most importantly, unlimited data that gets deducted from MetroPCS customers’ LTE data plans. In support of the new expansion, MetroPCS Coverage opened a new company store in Modesto, bringing the carrier’s total number of company stores in the area to 10. The expansion of coverage down the Highway 99 Corridor from Stockton to Modesto or Merced gives MetroPCS customers coverage from Chico south to Merced and the Bay Area east to Stockton.

Where is MetroPCS Expanding Coverage?

MetroPCS has also been very aggressive about using DAS in local markets which have allowed them to speed up the delivery time to coverage in markets. Distributed antenna systems are gaining traction as an alternative way for smaller carriers to fill in coverage or add more capacity to the wireless network when new cell sites are not an option due to city zoning regulations. These smaller antennas usually sit on top of utility poles face and are starting to face their challenges in an unsettled regulatory environment.

MetroPCS Coverage

MetroPCS Coverage does a great thing by issuing a press release about the coverage expansion but then also publishes this area on their map shaded in red. It is a great example of how AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint should issue their press releases and then plot the area on a map with red dots similar to MetroPCS. Unlimited Wireless Carrier MetroPCS Coverage Expands Florida to Gainesville and Ocala. Spacial Point is the company helping MetroPCS provide the maps which are a Microsoft and Bing Maps partner.

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