MetroPCS Hotspot: MetroPCS expanded the WiFi capabilities of its two smartphones running Google’s Android platform by adding software that will automatically sniff out hundreds of thousands of WiFi hotspots. The company is offering a dedicated data MetroPCS Hotspot plan. However, you will need to have a MetroPCS phone plan in order to add a hotspot line. MetroPCS is offering 10GB of high-speed data on a data hotspot device for $35 per month, with slower speeds (128kbps) after that data bucket is used. Visit our official website at for further sights on MetroPCS Hotspot.

MetroPCS Hotspot

MetroPCS Hotspot

MetroPCS move to offering hotspot lines in welcomed in terms of giving mobile internet seekers an increased array of options. Especially for those who prefer using a dedicated data device over a phone’s mobile hotspot function. Sometimes public Wi-Fi can leave you hanging. Luckily, you are carrying the Internet right in your pocket. You have 4G LTE Mobile HotSpot included in your plan, so you can connect any Wi-Fi-enabled device to our 4G LTE network. Take High-Speed Internet Everywhere You Go – Say so long to hunt down Wi-Fi when you leave the house. Browse the Internet anywhere, anytime with the Alcatel LINKZONETM. Connect on social media, stream videos, and music, or shop wherever you are with this portable Metro PCS Hotspot.

New T-Mobile Hotspot Plans

Easy to Manage and Set Up – You can easily access and manage your connections through the Alcatel Web App or from a web browser. Download the app from your phone’s app store and use it to monitor Internet use and battery life. Phone plans which are eligible for a hotspot device line to be added start at $30/month for a 2GB MetroPCS plan. So, for $65/month you would have access to 12GB of hotspot table data – 2GB from a phone line, and 10GB from a hotspot device. While Metro PCS’ phone plans currently offer ‘Music Unlimited’, which allows you to get your funky groove on without counting data towards your high-speed data usage (saving you from network management caps), their new MetroPCS Hotspot plans do not include this feature. All data used will count towards your high-speed data cap.

MetroPCS Hotspot

If you are looking for prepaid T-Mobile based data without going through a credit check, MetroPCS is an option. But, there are some drawbacks to being a prepaid MetroPCS customer versus a T-Mobile direct customer. While T-Mobile continues to rapidly expand its network, their data network is still weak outside of urban areas and has a lot of roaming areas. For MetroPCS customers, lack of coverage will be more substantial than for those who are T-Mobile direct customers, as MetroPCS Hotspot does not include domestic roaming in their plans. MetroPCS traffic is always deprioritized behind direct T-Mobile traffic.

Network management kicks in at 35GB, the line for MetroPCS customers. MetroPCS Hotspot plans are also always subject to Data Maximizer, a program which slows video streaming speeds to 480p. While this ultimately reduces data usage, the reduced resolution provided by 480p may be frustrating for some. This “service” cannot be disabled on MetroPCS plans. But, MetroPCS Hotspot line does offer technically “unlimited” data – as long as you’re cool with 128 kbps type speeds after you hit your hot spot bucket cap (of up to 16GB).

How To Get MetroPCS Hotspot Going

On Your Phone

  • Click on the Mobile HotSpot app on your smartphone.
  • Select Configure Mobile HotSpot.
  • Name your Wi-Fi if needed, create a password, and hit SAVE.

MetroPCS Hotspot

  • Slide Mobile HotSpot to ON.
  • Double check that your new Mobile HotSpot is turned on by looking for that the top of your phone

On Your Tablet Or Other Wi-Fi Device

  • Enable Wi-Fi on the device you’d like to connect, select your smartphone’s network, and enter your password.

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