My Merrill: This is a website for Merrill Lynch Wealth Management clients. Merrill provides online access to the account data information and electronic services. Merrill Lynch financial advisors will work with you to create a long-term financial strategy. People who are interested can download Merrill Lynch android application from google play store. Because of this you securely send messages and documents to your advisor. you can also make transfers to and from accounts held at other financial institutions. The MyMerrill application for the Android devices is available to clients who have online access to the website. The only disadvantage is some of the features and services available on website are not available in this app. On the other hand, you can visit the official website of My Merrill i.e, to know more details. Follow to get latest updates from time to time.

My Merrill

My Merrill | Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

Merrill Lynch users can access and manage investment accounts. The main thing is you can always connect with your advisor. Merrill Lynch Wealth Management is an American wealth management group under the Bank of America. The Merrill Lynch is a subsidiary company that is entirely owned by Bank of America. Go through the below sections to know more details about My Merrill. In the below sections, you can know how to create Merrill account, how to contact financial advisors, contact details, and how to download Merrill for Android application. Bookmark our website to get latest updates from time to time.

Merrill Lynch | Find an Advisor

  • First, open the website of Merrill i.e.,
  • Now, click on Find an Advisor button at the top right corner of the page.
  • Then you will navigate to a page where you can see Search by Office Location option.
  • Enter your address where you have to visit your Merrill Lynch Financial Advisor.
  • Or you can directly click on Use my current location.
  • Click on the Search button to know whether the Financial Advisor is available in your location or not.
  • If there is nobody you can see no results.
  • Otherwise, scroll down the page to check each office.
  • You can also check how many numbers of advisors are available in one office.
  • Choose one office which is near to your area.
  • Click on the number of advisors and you can see each advisor and their details.
  • Call anyone Merrill financial advisor and fix your appointment.

My Merrill Contact Us | Merrill Lynch Financial Advisor Process

Contact Us:

There are always two ways to contact Merrill. One is through a Phone call and another one is by sign into your Merrill Lynch account. If you choose to call then you have to call 1.800.637.7455. Or you can directly sign in to your account where you can contact your Merrill Lynch Financial Advisor. If you TTY/ TDD hearing impaired, then you can call to this 1.866.657.3323. People who are interested can contact Merrill, Merrill Lynch through social sites also. Merrill Lynch has accounts on Facebook, Linkedin, twitter and youtube. To check their user IDs, you can visit the official website of Merrill.

Financial Advisor Process: 

In the process of lead you through their process, Merrill Lynch Financial Advisor has 3 steps. One is Understanding you. The second one is Creating your strategy. And the last one is Helping to Keep you on track.

  • In the process of understanding you, they will analyze your feelings toward investing and your financial situation also. You will start with an in-depth, face-to-face meeting with one of their highly-credentialed advisor. In this first step, they will get to know about your life properties, access your investing mindset, and view 6 tools that bring all together.
  • In the process of Creating your strategy, the advisor will provide a clear and informed point of view and strategies based on your needs and they also design a comfortable approach for you. On this step, they categorize your goals, hear about the expertise behind your strategy, and show you at a bigger picture.
  • In the final process of Helping to Keep you on track, You will meet with your Merrill advisor regularly and have in-depth annual reviews, one-on-one. People can and should revisit their goals frequently, course correcting as needed. In this final step, they will change plans as your life changes, took a look at your Merrill Lynch online account, and check your monthly statement.

How To Create My Merrill Account

  • First, open the website of Merrill i.e.,
  • Now you can see a login form on the home page.
  • Click on Enroll for Online Access button below in the login form.
  • Next, you will redirect to a page where you have to enter your bank account number.
  • Then click on the continue button.
  • Now you will get a One-time Password to your registered phone number.
  • Enter your received OTP and click on ok button.
  • Now you will get a login form and enter all the details.
  • Click on the Submit button to complete the process.
  • Finally, you can login with your User id and Password at the home page.
  • If you forgot your User id, Password then clicks on Forgot ID, Forgot Password respectively.
  • Then you have to enter your mail id and click on continue button.
  • You get your User id and Password to your mail id.

How to Download My Merrill for Android App

  • First, open google play store on your android phone.
  • Enter My Merrill for Android in the search bar.
  • Now you can see multiple results below.
  • Open the first one which has a blue color logo.
  • Next, click on the Install button.
  • Wait for a few minutes to download the app and installation.
  • Finally, Merrill for Android App is on your phone.

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