Ohio Sales Tax: Currently the Ohio State sales tax rate is 5.75%. The total tax rate can be as high as 8% depending on the local municipalities. Local level tax rates in the state of Ohio (OH) is quite complex compared to the other state’s local level tax rates. Ohio Sales Tax also depends on the city/ county/ school/ transportation and SPD (special purpose district) levels. The sales tax in Ohio has numerous local taxing levels that must be observed and maintained regularly.

It is challenging and time taking due to the more number of rules in the state/ govt. To get a vendor’s license and collect & remit sales tax, Ohio requires any person or business that making retail sales of taxable tangible personal property or taxable services. Go through the below sections to know more details about Ohio Sales Tax. On the other hand, you can also visit the official website of Ohio.

Ohio Sales Tax

Ohio Sales Tax | Sales Tax for Ohio

Trying to balance all the requirements of sales and use tax agreement is just like a circus act. Especially when how frequently rates and rules change these days. Avalara’s suite of automated solutions gives you a better way. You can get to know more detailed information about Avalara’s suite in the below sections. People who are interested to know more details about Ohio Sales Tax can go through the below sections, On this page, you can know How to Register to Collect Sales Tax in Ohio, How to File Sales Tax Returns in Ohio, Features & Benefits of Avalara’s System, and Ohio Sales Tax Payment Options. Bookmark our webiste metropcs.online for more latest updates.

How to Register to Collect Sales Tax in Ohio

The Ohio state offers several different licenses based on different things. Any business is strongly encouraged to apply for a vendor account electronically by Ohio Business Gateway. The processing of paper applications may take up to six weeks to complete. The business which has to sold into multiple states can register with the Streamlined Sales Tax Project. There are two ways to register for a sales tax permit in Ohio. One is you can register online at the Ohio Business Gateway in the state, and another one is out of state.

  • In state-based sellers: Choose “County Vendor’s license” under Ohio Business Gateway
  • Out of state-based sellers: Choose “ Ohio Taxation – New Account Registration and Fuel Permit” and then click on “Sellers Registration” under Ohio Business Gateway.

Information You Need to Register:

  • Business identification information
  • Business entity
  • Locations
  • Date you will begin collecting Ohio sales tax
  • NAICS Code

Cost of Ohio Sales Tax Registration:

  • For sellers located in Ohio an Ohio sales tax permit is $25 and you must pay via ACH debit.
  • For remote sellers, form UT-1000 is free and for other states charges may apply.

How to File Sales Tax Returns in Ohio

All vendors have to file sales tax returns electronically. Businesses can pay through Ohio Business Gateway, the Department of Revenue’s TeleFile system, or through the department’s filing software. Any filing system accepts electronic checks, credit cards, and paper checks. There are three types of sales tax filings mentioned below.

  • Taxpayers whose annual liability is increased by $75,000 compared to the previous calendar year are required to file monthly returns and make accelerated & final payments by electronic funds transfer.
  • The taxpayers whose annual liability is less than $15,000 in quarterly tax liability may file quarterly.
  • Taxpayers whose annual liability is less than $1,200 in tax liability per six-month period may file two, semi-annual returns.

Tax Returns:

All Ohio sales tax returns are expected by the 23rd of the month following the reporting period. To pay your tax on the correct time, you can use this Avalara’s suite. Delivers sales and use tax calculations within your existing business applications at the time of checkout or billing in real time. Sales and use tax changes are very faster than you.

For this reason, you can have highly accurate tax calculations based on the latest rules and rates in Avalara’s System. Rates, rules, and boundaries change too frequently these days. So, instead of keep up on your own, connect AvaTax across your business systems and be done.

Features & Benefits of Avalara’s System

  • On-demand calculations
  • Ready to connect
  • Cloud-based
  • Geospatial location
  • Always a step ahead
  • On-demand reports

Ohio Sales Tax Payment Options

Sales tax vendors have two options for remitting the tax collected from customers.

  • ACH Debit Card: This payment method also called as payment by electronic mode. Merchants who are interested in ACH Debit Card option must first register with the Treasurer of State.
  • Credit Card: The Department of Taxation gives credit card payment options to the vendors in association with Official Payments Corporation. Convenience charges may apply for this credit card payment.

Ohio Business Gateway and the department’s TeleFile system are offered these payment options to the vendors. They also accept paper checks when accompanied by a return.

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