Ting: It is a mobile virtual network operator. This is the first network operator to popularize the pay-for-what-you-use pricing structure. Ting also offers high-end smartphones and features. If you keep your usage low, you can enjoy a small monthly bill. Ting has two networks when you sign up for an account. One is CDMA and another one is a GSM network. The former will have you rely on Sprint for coverage, the latter on T-Mobile. Based on the latest research, T-Mobile serves better to most of people. Having said that better service depends upon where you live. Go through the below sections to know more details about Ting. On the other hand, you can also visit the official website.


If you travel internationally regularly, GSM network phones on this provider can work without the user taking any additional steps. Whereas CDMA network phones on this carrier will require an international SIM unlock and some settings changes. The main advantage in Ting is you’re not selecting a plan as much as you are paying for different tiers of service, because with everything resetting at the end of each month. In one word, this is a smarter way to buy a mobile. In the below sections, you can get more details about Tind and their plans. bookmark our page for latest updates.

Ting | Pay For What You Use

Ting has 20 types of phones on its official website for sale. This Tind focuses on high-end devices. This provider provides a few flagship Android devices which are a generation behind for now, like the LG G5 and Samsung Galaxy S7. The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are the only current flagship devices available in the market. There is the $20 Alcatel OneTouch Fling flip phone which can handle calls and some texting. Ting also has financial offers. Check out Ting Plans and Special features in the below sections.

Ting Plans | Special Features Tind Offers

To be technical, Ting does not have any plans. Because this service asks its customers to pay the bill after they use. This also charges $6 service fee for each line. So you are not able to select a plan. the company also offers an online calculator to calculate savings by comparing to your current service. Check different tiers that offer in the below given table.

Talk Minutes 100/$3 500/$9 1,000/$18 2,100/$35 1.9 cents per additional minute over 2,100
Texts  100/$3 1,000/$5 2,000/$8 4,800/$11 0.25 cents for each additional text over 4,800
Data 100MB/$3 500MB/$10 1GB/$16 2GB/$20 $10 per GB after 2GB

For example, if you talk for 100 minutes, 100 messages, and use 1GB of Data then you have to pay $28 at the end of the month. These $28 includes $6 access fee also. If you don’t use anything you do not need to pay.


Ting offers international calling and international roaming offers. check above given image to check your level. With your referral link, you can offer a $25 credit that will, in turn, get you a $50 credit for the first person who signs up and $25 for any additional sign-ups. Tind also sends you an extra SIM card when you first activate your account, so you’ve got a spare.

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