T-Mobile JUMP: T Mobile is a brand name for the mobile communications subsidiaries of the German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom AG. You can buy phones, watches, tablets at T Mobile. This also offers unlimited plans, international calling etc. This T-Mobile also has accessories to buy for your phone. Are excited to Jump to T-Mobile? But you stuck in another phone with EIP. Do not worry. We are here to help you. by reading this article you can understand the complete concept of JUMP. Additionally, go through the below sections to know more details about T-Mobile JUMP in the below sections. On the other hand, interested candidates can check the official website of T-Mobile.

T-Mobile JUMP

T Mobile is attracting the customers with its killer combination of price and performance. Hence there are a lot of people who want to JUMP. Use the T-Mobile JUMP program to upgrade to the latest smartphones and tablets. But your device should buy before 12 months or you have paid off half your device. JUMP upgrades are part of many benefits you enjoy with Protection against accidental damage, hardware services, loss, or theft for between $9 to $15 per month per device. T-Mobile will pay your remaining EIP balance of 6 months. Finally, bookmark our page for latest updates about T-Mobile. On the other hand, visit the official website of T-Mobile.

T-Mobile JUMP | Upgrade Your Phone with JUMP

With T-Mobile JUMP on Demand, you have the freedom to upgrade anytime for every thirty days. Most of the latest flagship devices like the Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, and other select affordable smartphones are eligible to get JUMP upgrade. Visit any local T-Mobile Retail Store for clear information. Or you can call T-Mobile Customer Service. In the below sections you can know about the T-Mobile Jump Upgrade Program, T-Mobile Support, FAQ, T-Mobile JUMP Benefits, JUMP Enrollment, etc. People who are interested to know more details about T-Mobile JUMP can follow our website. You can also bookmark our website metropcs.online for more latest updates.

T-Mobile Jump Upgrade Program | T-Mobile Support

  • Go to My T-Mobile account on your device.
  • Log in to your account with your credentials.
  • Click on the SHOP near the top of the page.
  • Next, click the Upgrade button.
  • Then click on the JUMP button if you can not see that button that means you are not eligible to upgrade at this time.
  • Next, click the device you’d like to upgrade to on the select options.
  • Finally, follow the instructions to complete the T-Mobile JUMP upgrade.

T-Mobile JUMP FAQ:

1. Do I have to pay a down payment for a new device on JUMP On Demand?

A device down payment may be required despite the type of device from August 2018.

2. Can I get a JUMP On Demand device with no upfront cost?

Device pricing depends on several criteria. T-Mobile’s Mobile Experts will help you to find the right JUMP On Demand device as per your requirements and budget. You can learn more about which devices are part of the JUMP On Demand program by talking to a spokesperson at 1-800-T-MOBILE.

3. Is there a limit to how many devices a customer can lease through JUMP! On Demand?

Yes, there a limit to how many devices a customer can lease through JUMP! On Demand. Each customer can have 12 per line for each account.

4. Who is eligible for JUMP! On Demand?

New and current postpaid customers are eligible for T-Mobile JUMP! On Demand. No Credit and T-Mobile No Credit Check customers are not eligible.

5. How do I know which phones are eligible for JUMP! On Demand?

Eligible phones will be clearly displayed at T-Mobile retail stores. Additionally, T-Mobile’s Mobile Experts will help you to find the right T-Mobile JUMP On Demand device as per your requirements. you can also call to a representative at 1-800-T-MOBILE.

6. How much will my phone cost on Jump! On Demand?

Monthly pricing changes by phone. So please visit a T-Mobile retail store or you can dial #611 to explore your options.

7. I already have JUMP! On Demand. How can I upgrade to a new phone?

If you are a T-Mobile customer and already have a JUMP! on Demand then you can upgrade in any T-Mobile retail store which is near to you. Or you can also call 611.

T-Mobile JUMP Benefits | JUMP Enrollment


  • Device Protection option in T_Mobilr JUMP protects your phone in the event of accidental damage, hardware services (mechanical breakdown) issues, loss, or theft.
  • JUMP will protect your personal information through Lookout Mobile Security Premium.
  • JUMP Plus includes even more with McAfee Security for T-Mobile and Personal Help Desk.
  • No initial waiting period is there to JUMP.
  • T-Mobile will pay your remaining EIP balance, up to half of your original device purchase price. If you have more than half that can not be covered by T-Mobile. T-mobile will pay by you at the time of the upgrade.
  • You can also control how frequently you upgrade, and pay extra toward your EIP balance to JUMP.


Generally, there are 2 types of enrollments. One is for a new customer and another one is for the current customer. Check both the enrollment process here.

If you are new to T-Mobile:

  • If you purchase a postpaid plan and a device financed with Equipment Installment Plan (EIP), then you are eligible to enroll in T-Mobile JUMP within 14 days of your device purchase.
  • There is no minimum data requirements and no restrictions. All postpaid customers with EIP-financed devices can also enroll in T-Mobile JUMP within 14 days of a T-Mobile device purchase.

If you’re already with T-Mobile:

  • During an upgrade or if you add a line with T-mobile Equipment Installment Plan (EIP) you are eligible for the JUMP.
  • Interested people can JUMP at any T-Mobile branded retail store or by contacting T-Mobile Customer Service. Stores that sell T-Mobile service will not be able to enroll you in JUMP.

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